Common T Visa Scenarios

  • You have worked in the U.S. for a boss or owner of a company who mistreated you, tricked you, or lied to you or your co-workers. You felt like you couldn’t quit the job or take a day off work because they told you that if you did, they would report you to immigration and have you deported or ensure no other employers in the area would hire you.
  • When you arrived in the U.S., you lived with a family member who required you cook, clean, babysit, do other chores/housework, or work as an employee of their business for little to no pay.
  • You crossed the border with coyotes who forced you to cook, clean, carry backpacks or water for the group, prepare or transport drugs, have sexual relations, be a lookout or do other jobs for them.
  • You were involved in a religion, cult, or other group inside the U.S. that made you work or perform sexual acts that you were not comfortable with.

Eligibility Checklist

  • You must have been the victim of forced labor within the U.S.

  • You must be physically present in the U.S.

  • You must be able to demonstrate that you’d suffer extreme hardship if you had to return to your home country.

Frequently Asked Questions on T Visa.

The most important piece of evidence in your case will be your declaration or affidavit. The T visa experts on our team will interview you in detail to draft a thorough and compelling declaration for your case.

Yes, your spouse and children under 21 years old can be included in your petition. Under some circumstances, you can include your parents, siblings, adult children, and grandchildren as derivatives in your case.

Yes, you can apply for a green card through the T visa even if you entered “without inspection” by crossing the border without a visa.

What if I was forced to work many years ago? No matter how long ago the forced labor happened or how short the duration of your forced labor, we may be able to help you get a work permit and green card.

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